July 12, 2023​

the Venetian Macao​

Guest Speakers

Explore a diverse range of topics, from how to strategically use art and entertainment policy to drive city and integrated resort development, to the potential of technology to enhance the audience experience of art and culture.

Ms. Leong Wai Man

President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR Government

Ms. Leong Wai Man, the current President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR Government, is also an architect. She studied architecture at Tunghai University in Taiwan and University College London in the United Kingdom. After her return to Macao, she worked at the Cultural Affairs Bureau and has been engaged in the field of cultural heritage protection. She served as the Head of Department of Cultural Heritage and Vice President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau.

Mr. José Luis de Sales Marques

President of the Institute of European Studies of Macau

Mr. José Luís de Sales Marques has been President of the Board of Directors of the Institute of European Studies of Macau (IEEM) since 1st January 2002. He is also president of the Center for Creative Industries (CCI)/Creative Macau, former member of the board of trustees of the Cultural Industry Fund and of the Cultural Committee, president of the Standing Committee of the Council of Macanese Communities and Board President of Jazz Club de Macau and President of the General Assembly of Halftone Macau Photographic Association.

 Previously he was the Mayor of Macau from 1993 to 2001, President of Macau Environmental Council and Deputy Director of MGTO. Mr. Sales Marques was born in Macau and along his 40 years long career he dedicated a great deal of his attention to the arts and culture both as administrator and promoter. He is also an educator and writer on subjects related to urbanism, economics and international relations. Mr. Sales Marques is a founding member of ACE Seminars – Architecture- Culture-Environment, an academic program dedicated to urbanism, architecture environment.

Prof. Lampo Leong

Distinguished Professor, University of Macau

Prof. Lampo Leong, PhD, Central Academy of Fine Arts, is currently a Distinguished Professor, Doctoral Advisor, and Director of Center for Arts and Design at the University of Macau. Leong is also a Tenured Professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia in the US and Visiting Professor at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Leong has served as curator and judge for over 60 art exhibitions and competitions, and presented more than 260 lectures across the US and China in institutions such as Stanford University, UC Berkeley, and China Academy of Art. Leong’s work has been featured in Christie’s, and in museums and galleries worldwide through more than 70 solo and over 410 juried and curated national and international group exhibitions, and has received over 100 awards, including a Gold Medal at the Creative Quarterly international art competition in New York, A’ Design Award in Italy, and China National Arts Fund. Leong’s works can be found in more than ten museum collections, including the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University. Leong’s achievements have been documented in over 1000 reviews and publications internationally, including the front cover of the New Art International in New York, the Creative Genius: 100 Contemporary Artists in London, and Art Frontier in the US.

Ms. Claire Johnson

Head of Partnerships and Events, French May Arts Festival

Claire is currently Head of Partnerships and Events at French May Arts Festival, Hong Kong, where she leads the fundraising and sponsorship strategy with predominantly corporate organisations, luxury brands and property developers. Originally trained as a dancer, Claire relocated to Hong Kong 13 years ago and has since been deeply involved in both the local and international arts community, specialising in Performing Arts education, event sponsorship and production. Before joining French May, Claire has managed Corporate Sales for Art Basel, Hong Kong, as well as being the Executive Producer of the international tours of Mamma Mia! and The National Theatre of Great Britain’s War Horse in Hong Kong. Claire’s current role at French May focusses on building long-lasting partnerships to deliver world-class arts experiences for local audiences, as well as creating a platform for cross-cultural sharing and development between local and international artists.

Ms. Christy Cheong

Vice President, Events & Promotions, Melco Resorts & Entertainment

Christy Cheong has been a professional in the event industry for over 20 years with a proven track record of conducting numerous world-class international events exhibitions and shows. In 2023, the first residency concert of the Asian headliners has been launched. Besides, Christy has a strong commitment to promoting cultural and art exhibitions. She and her team have garnered over 65 international awards in the marketing and event field, including the prestigious “Best Promotions and Events Team” GoldAward for five consecutive years.

Ms. Christine Hong Barbosa

Vice President, Retail Business Development, Lisboeta Macau

Ms. Christine Hong Barbosa has a diverse range of experiences in both business and the arts. Currently serving as the Vice President of Retail Business Development at Lisboeta Macau, a popular themed resort property offering a variety of retailtainment experiences, Christine has a key role in bringing in many first-in-Macau attractions to the development, making it a popular tourist destination.

After graduated in piano studies from both the Manhattan School of Music and New York University, in 2010, Christine founded YunYi Arts & Communications, a non-profit collaborative arts organization aimed at promoting art and culture in and around Macau. Through YunYi, Christine has organized festivals and exhibitions for a wide range of art forms, including music, visual art, photography, and multimedia art. She has provided local artists with opportunities to expand their careers and share their work with the public on a large scale.

In addition to promoting local talent, Christine has worked to bring together artists from Macau and around the world, fostering the sharing of ideas and promoting cultural exchange. With experiences in both commercial and art scenes, Christine is passionate to bridge both worlds together by exploring business creativity and innovation.

Ms. Florence Lam

Gallery Manager, Galaxy Art

Florence is an industry practitioner with 10 years of experience in the art and cultural sector. Prior to joining the newly established exhibition space based in Galaxy Macau as their Gallery Manager, Florence had managed an independent art gallery, was a contributing writer and assisted in several consultancy projects for art malls and spaces. Florence also has a background in International Strategic Management and has been an adjunct lecturer since 2015. She had studied and worked in the Netherlands, Scotland, England and Portugal before returning to Macau.

Mr. Shao Qihao

VIP & Partnership Director, Angus Montgomery Art

Serving as the VIP and Partnerships Director for Angus Montgomery Arts, Shao has over 7 years of expertise in organising art fairs across Asia and Europe. He works across all 10 fairs owned by AMA, including Art SG, India Art Fair, PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai, Tokyo Gendai, and more. He helps to steer the groups VIP strategy; developing and managing partnerships with various external organisations. Prior to joining AMA, Shao had previous experience at Phillips Auction, Christie’s, and White Cube.

Shao is also a member of the board for Art Review as well as NOWNESS.

Mr. Nelson Cheung

Chief Editor, DL.theVOC

Lecturer of Chinese National Academy, PHD of Tsinghua University, founder of the humanity channel of Philosophy 01, Chief Editor of DL.theVOC, art critic and Curator of contemporary arts.

Ms. Pan Huimin

Curator, Creative Arts Group, China Resources Land Limited

Pan has worked in the Art field for more than 20 years and have been deeply involved in the planning and operation of art museums, creating the most cutting-edge and contemporary art museums in Shanghai. Pan then served as the editor-in-chief of South China for China’s largest art portal, Artron.net, where She was in charge of the Planning & Operation business all over the South China region.

Since joining China Resources Land at the end of 2016, Pan has continued to bring high-quality art resources into commercial real estate as she accumulated many years of art resources, prompting mutual promotion and development among art, commercial entities and cities. With a vision to reinvent retail, Pan participated in exploring hybrid model of art and commerce in commercial real estate, such as shopping malls SHENZHEN MIXC WORLD, MIXC SHENZHEN BAY, MIXC CHENGDU.

Therefore, Pan has played important role as expert in bringing fine artworks in commercial space, when shopping malls MIXC WUHAN, NANJING MIXC WORLD and SHANGHAI SUHEWAN MIXC WORLD launched, allowing the public to appreciate different artworks during shopping and leisure through the provision of various multi-dimensional spaces.

Ms. Lin Jiaxin

He Art Museum founding member, Brand Director

Mr. Andy Yiu

Co-founder, BOAX Limited

Andy Yiu is the Co-founder of BOAX Limited, a Hong Kong Cyberport incubated startup company specializing in NFT and metaverse solutions for corporates. Andy has about 15 years of professional experience in corporate finance. Andy was the CFO of a multinational real estate investment firm and Investment Director of a Hong Kong-listed company. Andy is the co-founding Vice-President of PropTech Institute, a non-profit association promoting Property Technology in Asia, including real estate tokenization. Andy is frequently invited to interviews and events as a speaker and moderator on topics related to NFTs, the metaverse, and tokenization. Invitations are from organizations such as The Sandbox, RICS, HKICPA, and Forkast News.

Ms. Sylvia Wang

Head of Asia, TRLab

Head of Asia of TRLab, Young collector. Holding Master’s Degree of Master of International Studies (MIPA) of HKU, honoree of Tatler Gen.T in the Arts, founding patron of M+. TRLab fuses fine art and technology, strategically partnering with top-tier platforms among art and WEB3.0 such as Christie’s, Rockbund Museum of Art, Animoca Brands, Dragonfly Capital, etc. Previous crypto art partnerships including the collaborations with Cai Guo-Qiang Studio, Alexander Calder
Foundation, Rhizome of New Museum, Vogue, Tatler, etc.

Ms. Claire Huang

Crypto Art Curator

Claire Yunqi Huang, researcher, columnist and investor on digital art, crypto art and AIGC fields. Partner of Accidental Art, advisor of Async Art, co-producer of MEME Tuesday podcast, curator of CyberBeijing Art Festival; writings published on artnet, Wall Street Journal China, the Art Newspaper China, Artron, etc.

Mr. Yang Tianming

Project Leader, “Threebody: Beyond Gravity”

Tianming is a graduate from Peking University, and a postgraduate from the University of Chicago. He is currently the project leader of “Threebody: Beyond Gravity” immersive sci-fi experience.

Ms. Linwood Lin

Chief Innovation Officer, Forward Fashion & Artelli, Forward Fashion (International) Holdings Co. Ltd.

Linwood Lin is the Chief Innovation Officer of Forward Fashion Holdings with over 20 years of international work experience and being the expertise in forming strategic cooperative ties with many global top 100 companies for crossover collaboration.

She has proven record on successful partnerships between luxury brands, IP and artists to create unique & sustainable business models.In addition to her impressive portfolio, Linwood launched Artelli, the multi-dimensional premium art space, in four landmark cities within six months. Her innovative approach to the art and culture segment was being recognised as a leading art content provider, offering impeccable experiences that blend art and retail seamlessly, which has transformed commercial spaces into cultural destinations, also city landmarks.

Linwood is a passionate driver of tourism, culture and art; her contributions to the industry have earned her the Most Creative Marketing Award from Chinese media. With her expertise in innovation management and brand crossover collaboration, Linwood is well-positioned to promote the diversified and international development of Forward Fashion Holdings and Artelli. She will spearhead the group’s efforts to expand its business in three core areas of fashion, art
and lifestyle; driving new opportunities and growth for the company.

Mr. Zhou Chong

Founder, ArTy ReTro & 1690 Art Collection Space

As an art history major student from UCLA, Chong is the Founder of art figure brand “ArTy ReTro” and “ArTy ReTro Talent”, and founder of “1690 Art Collection Space”. He is a proactive collector of Contemporary Art and early initial member of “Chinese Young Collector”, essentially focusing on a systematic collection in emerging artists. As a producer/director of a short film, “Calm & Zeal”, Chong has also been enlisted as one of the “Observed Top 200 Art Collector” by Artnet, and “Asian Top 100 Collectors You Must Know” by Cobo Social. Since his frequently being profiled in media and actively in art industry, he was selected as one of the inductees in the Forbes China 30 Under 30 cover-up Honoree in 2017.

Mr. Simon Tse

Director, Best Shine Entertainment Ltd

After establishing “Best Shine Entertainment Ltd” in Hong Kong, Mr. Simon Tse has also begun to cooperate with radio and media in major cities across China starting from Guangzhou. During this period, Mr. Simon Tse created extortionary influence events in China, such as “Sprite China Original Music Pop Chart”, “Red Man Pavilion Fan Club” and “Cantonese Stream Annual Music Awards Ceremony”. These events have promoted the development and exchange of Chinese pop music in the three places across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan China, and contributed to the development of the Chinese pop music industry in China.

Mr. Simon Tse has worked in Hong Kong Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (TVB) and Warner Music Company in his early years. In 1995, Mr. Simon Tse witnessed the opportunity and the desires of the entertainment market after the reforming and opening in China. Thus, he decided to resign from his position at the international record company and established “Best Shine Entertainment Ltd.”

Mr. Ryutaro Ko

Chairman, Space Agency Inc.

Mr. Ryutaro Ko, a distinguished figure in the world of music, arts, and business, embarked on his impressive career as a music producer at the esteemed Sony Entertainment, Inc. in Japan. Mr. Ko founded the Arts Music Group in 1996, which later evolved into the renowned Space Agency Inc. Mr. Ko established Asia Media Capital Inc in 1997. Over the next decade, he was instrumental in bringing an unprecedented array of large-scale Japanese concerts to audiences in mainland China and Hong Kong, thereby forging cultural bonds through the universal language of music.

Mr. Ko collaborates with Yoshimoto Kogyo, a venerable giant in the entertainment industry, to establish an overseas business headquarters. Mr. Ko served as the Department Head. In 2007, Mr. Ko continued to play a pivotal role in fostering cultural exchange between Japan and China by masterminding the main projects of the celebrated “Chinese Culture Year”. He served as the Director of the Asian Department Okinawa International Movie Festival’s Executive Committee in 2009. Mr. Ko planned and produced the riveting Japanese performing arts project at the “Shanghai Expo” in 2010. The same year, he was the driving force behind the successful “Faye Wong 2010 Beijing, Shanghai Tour”.

In a bid to contribute to the art world, Mr. Ko joined forces with the New York-based “MoMA” art collection agency of the founding deputy curator “William Rubin’s family” in 2013. His expertise was recognized by the Jikei Group of Colleges who, in 2015, appointed him as their international education advisor, a position he still holds today. Mr. Ko facilitated the entry of the “Tsutaya Bookstore” project into China, an endeavor that continues to thrive under his guidance since 2018. As recently as 2021, he took on the role of advisor for the innovative Japanese electric vehicle company, HW Electro Inc., further cementing his business as a visionary in multiple fields.

Mr. Jonathan Wong

Co-Founder / Director, Octagon Metatainment Limited

Jonathan Wong is a singer-songwriter, dancer-choreographer, and actor-producer. Graduating from Cornell University with double majors in Psychology and Modern Dance in 2008, Jonathan made his Hong Kong musical debut in 2009 and has since then earned over 50 major awards in various categories for his work.  

In 2016, Jonathan competed in the world’s largest televised singer-songwriter competition “Sing My Song”, broadcast on China’s CCTV-3. He joined David Tao’s squad and was the only Hong Kong representative to make it into the top 6 of his team.  Some of his writing credits include Karen Mok, Sammi Zheng, XNINE, and the 2022 Olympics and the Winter Olympics hong kong themes. 

Jonathan is also a prolific actor in film and television.  Jonathan earned his first “Best Supporting Actor in a Television Drama” nomination in “The Limelight Years” (2015).  Some other roles include “OMG, Your Honour” (2018), “Wonder Women” (2019) and “Airport Strikers” (2020), Johnnie To’s “Three” (2016), and “The House of the Rising Sons” (2018).

From 2019 – 2020, Jonathan led as the titular role in an original musical theater production The Matteo Ricci.  The 20 sold-out shows were exceptionally well-received, earning the production invitations to tour in various countries. 

In the past 2 years, Jonathan has dedicated much of his time to developing scripted film and TV projects with his agency, William Morris Endeavor, as well as mixed reality entertainment projects under his production company Octagon Metatainment. He currently spends his time between Hong Kong and Los Angeles

Mr. Steven Wang

Founder & CEO, Mars Culture

As Founder & CEO of Mars Culture, Steven is building a highly specialized team to celebrates the convergence of contemporary art, music, trend, tech, Web 3.0, aiming to create the most influential youth culture festival in China. And establish a “multi-centralized” online platform to empower new and pioneering art creators around the world to achieve a sustainable win-win situation.

As the leader of commercialization spanning culture, art, entertainment, and sports, Steven used to be the President of COMPLEX China to made it the most influential media and entertainment company in Greater China. Momentum Sports, which he co-founded, was acquired by CAA in 2018. His extensive work experience covers COMPLEX China, Bilibili, CAA China, JAGUAR Land Rover China, Volkswagen Group China, as well as multinational consulting agencies across the industry.

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